Thoughts about my restlessness in this strange year draw echoes from Augustine’s Confessions, from the philosophy of Josef Pieper, and from my chosen word for 2021, “magnanimity.” inquietum est cor nostrum donec requiescat in te our hearts are restless until … Continued

“Prayer Warrior”

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One day I had an intense prayer walk. In the image of a George Herbert poem, I felt that I was thundering at heaven. As I thought about it later, I realized that intercessory prayer has shifted as I have … Continued


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This poem started as a narration—my daughter and I had been reading about the surface of the planet Venus—and turned into something a little deeper… Venus My heart has lifted for the morning star,  Brilliance bursting in its perfect place,  … Continued

“A Prayer for Time”

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While reading the beautiful prayers of Thomas Cramner in the Book of Common Prayer, I decided to try writing in his style. A Prayer for Time Almighty and Most Merciful God,  who holdest all time in thy hands, and bestowest … Continued

“Beyond Bene”

My Latin students were posting on our dedicated social media platform, and responding to one another’s work…but one student complained that everyone was just saying “bene” (‘good,’ lit. ‘well’) all the time. So I created this handout of all kinds … Continued

Journals & Journaling

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I am re-launching this blog today with a tighter sense of focus, and a theme I’m excited about: Journals and Journaling.   Does that Mean it’s all about Diaries? When I say journals, I don’t really mean daily diaries—only very … Continued