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Feeling humbled as I read about scholars of the humanities in the Renaissance, in this poem I reflected on scholarly ambition and my own self-image.

In April of 2020, living under stay-at-home orders, my daughters and I began the “Quarantine Sonnet” Project. Each day, we each tried to write a sonnet, and we posted them on the wall of our hallway!


Each year I live my skills and passions grow
Hunches and knacks pop up from unknown stores
And day by day see how much I don't know
My reach outgrows my grasp, what heaven's for
Is learning my right size, and laying down
Pretension, pride, and confidence I'd be
A world-class scholar, expert, cap and gown,
A shining saint, a voice that moves the sea
Of human hearts. My education grand
Now seems so puny as I glimpse the rich
Minds' treasure stores of generations manned
By heroes of the soul at fever pitch.
But as my eyes shrink so my world expands,
And I rejoice more in Your larger hands.
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