“Metaphysical,” a text message poem

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Here is a poem first “published” as a text message! After reading Helen Gardner’s introduction to The Metaphysical Poets, I decided to write my “narration” (re-telling in my own words some of what I learned) in verse!

Gardner suggested that the strange analogies which fueled this poetic style always had a point to make. The poets often started with something everyday, connected it to something surprising, and used the whole thing to say something “metaphysical” to those willing to puzzle through the elaborate verse. This sounds so much like my own approach to writing that I had to laugh!

 The learned lady writes of Donne and co.
Their strange connections to a point must flow.
A tiger's like a baby--oh, indeed--
But then the whole will teach your heart some creed.
Some common, daily, moment starts the train,
Which gathers up momentum in the brain,
Connects to distant places, legends, songs;
Philosophy is picked up with those tongs.
The whole jam's boiled down with the heat of verse,
Then strained through meter, clear sweet flavor bursts
From senses into souls, and orders loves. 
The final couplet gives a sticky shove.
I think like that! I raise an eyebrow quizzical--
Born cent'ries late to be a Metaphysical. 
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