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This is the online home for our in-person “Beautiful Latin” class, which is meeting in Atascadero!

Week 4 Materials
Handout for Week 4

Week 3 Materials
Handout for Week 3

Week 2 Materials (in case you missed class, or lost yours!)
Handout for Week 2
Easter Week Printable: He Is Risen Indeed!

Week 1 Materials (in case you missed class, or lost yours!)
Handout for Week 1
Memory Verse Printable: John 1:1
Narnia Booklet (print double-sided, with “flip on short edge” checked, then fold as booklet)
Slideshow of manuscript versions of John 1:1

Reference Materials for Familia Romana
Vocabulary and Grammar Notes by Chapter (courtesy of The Latin Library)
Audio Recording of chapter 1Ecclesiastical Pronunciation (courtesy of my sister!)
Audiovisual Recording of chapter 1Classical Pronunciation (Luke Ranieri on YouTube)

General Reference Materials
Quick Dictionary for your phone (which can handle any endings!): I use Whittaker’s Words app. Note: I have an Android phone. Some people have told me that the Apple version of this isn’t working anymore (?) See what you can find!

Online Searchable Dictionary (courtesy of – You can search English–>Latin or Latin–>English; it searches 4 good dictionaries at once. You will need to use the root form (not a special ending) for Latin words, but it auto-fills, which will help.

Advice: Do Not use Google Translate for Latin. Just don’t do it. Text me, instead, if you need to! You don’t want to know what Google Translate does to Latin!

Online Searchable Grammar Book (courtesy of Dickinson College)

YouTube grammar explanations (latin tutorial) – This channel has short, useful explanations of grammar concepts. You can search the channel for a particular topic. Classical Pronunciation.

Fun/Funny/Beautiful Online Materials
So that you can absorb lots of Latin, and enjoy yourself!

  • St. Patrick and the Princesses: a simple story about St. Patrick that I recorded for students a few years ago. Automatic Subtitles in Latin & English. Ecclesiastical Pronunciation
  • Read familiar scripture passages at Bible Gateway, or YouVersion app (change language to “Vulgate” or “VULG”)
  • Magister Craft – Stories illustrated with Minecraft – there are several series here: stories from mythology, about architecture, etc. – turn on the subtitles in English (then, if you’re ready for a challenge, change them to Latin for the next time through!) Classical Pronunciation.
  • Amazon Alexius (Luke Ranieri) humor – what if Amazon made a Latin-speaking version of Alexa?? Subtitles. Classical Pronunciation.
  • Interview with a Legionary (Luke Ranieri) humor – what if a German scientist invented a time machine and interviewed a Roman soldier?? (This one has sequels. There are all kinds of other funny skits on his channel.)Subtitles. Classical Pronunciation.
  • The Easter Story Told in Latin – using a picture book. Ecclesiastical Pronunciation.
  • John 1:1-5 read in different historical pronunciation reconstructions through time (Greek and Latin) Multiple Pronunciations!
  • Legonium Disco – Very simple readers illustrated with Lego characters. (no audio) On this site, you can also find Star Wars story readers, “Season 1” etc., and many fun printable storybooks.
  • Colloquia Personarum – There are skits that go along with each chapter of Familia Romana. Here is the series, acted out by college students. The first skit has Marcus quizzing his little sister Julia on map skills. Ecclesiastical Pronunciation, with cute Wyoming twang!
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