“O Mira Gratia” (Amazing Grace Sung in Latin)

Every two months, our Sursum Corda homeschool community learns a song, a scripture verse, and a proverb in Latin. The first song for the 2020 school year was this Latin translation of “Amazing Grace.” My sister, Lindsay Feldmeth Westra, graciously joined me to sing it on Refugio Beach!

(John Newton) [1779] (tr. Llewellyn)

O mira quanta gratia
Redemit reum me.
Erranti luxit placida
Blanda mirifice.

Quod magna tot pericula
Iam salvus passus sum
Id Gratiae retribuam
Quae ducet me domum.

Cum saecula viderimus
Ut sol splendentia
Nos modo peregerimus
Laudum initia.

Here is a printable version, with an ultra-literal translation

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