One-Word Journal Prompt: Cultivate

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This is a series of one-word prompts that you can use to get writing today. Each is accompanied by a little doodle from my own journal, to set the scene: a gift from my journal to yours!


 Definition of “Cultivate”:
  • : to prepare and use (soil) for growing plants
  • : to grow and care for (plants)
  • : to grow or raise (something) under conditions that you can control
–Merriam-Webster Dictionary Online

Wildflowers can be lovely, but a plant that has been nurtured is a glory. What do you need to “cultivate” in your life now?

“…art that cultivates an aesthetic sense is not art that you look at, but art that you live with. This is why Wilde celebrates the decorative arts—those arts that become part of our background, our ethos, our milieu…”– James K. A. Smith, Imagining the Kingdom

What could you surround yourself with, “live with,” as a means of cultivation?

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