Prayer Journal (Coming Soon!)

Have you ever wished for greater consistency in your prayer, but simultaneously felt bored by praying for the same few things each day? I have! A few years ago, my mother, my sister, and I began to experiment with a journal organized by the days of the week. On each day, we would write and pray about one aspect of God–how God loves, how God works, how God rests–and the needs and concerns related most closely to that. Different pages would prompt us to try prayers of praise, of listening, of praying for the broader world. Each day felt new and fresh with its new topic, and yet we returned with consistency to the people we had prayed for the previous week.

Our early versions, of course, were a bit messy and kept in loose-leaf binders! But as we enjoyed this more and more, and brought it to our different church groups and friends, we cleaned it up and organized it, and began to dream of a beautiful version where visual illustrations would add to the delight. I have at last finished the full illustrations, we have written introductory text to explain the system and encourage pray-ers…and this project is now ready to be published!



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