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This poem started as a narration—my daughter and I had been reading about the surface of the planet Venus—and turned into something a little deeper…


My heart has lifted for the morning star, 
Brilliance bursting in its perfect place, 
A dolphin's back seen breaking through the water
Beyond all doubt, beyond slowness or haste. 

Named deity of love--delighted passion--
Its shine makes simple souls all starry-eyed. 
Dessert placed in the daily morning ration
Of dawn that turns the darkness rosy-skied. 

The planet's surface writhes in smoth'ring weight, 
As lava flows on lava, fumes fight fumes;
Its dark and heavy atmosphere the plate
That bounces light so well to distant rooms. 

My heart's dark lava, Lord, hold me in place 
To lift one heart a million miles away. 
photo “Venus pacific leveled” by Brocken Inaglory at the English Wikipedia
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