Music of the Spheres

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My new home is beautiful, but…I can hear the highway, and there are these flies…In this poem I contemplate the deeper meaning of these things. Like many of my poems recently, this was written on my phone (sitting outside) and “published” immediately to a few family and friends via text message.

I hear the humming highway, from my place
The achey whine of engines up the grade
The soul-less sound of hurry, human-made
That clashes with this still and holy space.

I swat at gnats that hang around my face,
Decide they are not bad, and with a sigh
Ignore them till one flies into my eye.
Can traffic noise and bugs be little ways

God trains me in the one task of my days--
To pay attention rightly and to praise
His mercy Who left perfect peace to chase
His stubborn sheep, His noisy, buzzing race.
Beneath the hum, I hear the silent bass,
The Deeper Magic of a world of grace. 
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  1. Gloria O. Garcia

    Hi Heather,
    How are you? I Just ran across this website & it’s beautiful!! Your poems are so soothing & peaceful. I bet it’s wonderful playing your harp up there! (But we miss you here in San Pedro!).

    Okay, Hope all is well with you & yours! And congratulations again on Anna’s marriage. God Bless, Gloria?

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