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High School Tutorial (Sept-May)


Writer’s Training for High Schoolers
Would you like your child to have in-depth, personalized coaching in the skills of writing? Writing  conventions can be learned from a book, but there is nothing like focused practice and immediate feedback to develop the thinking side of writing. Writing well involves the ability to grapple with ideas, to find a true and interesting thesis, and to communicate clearly. To facilitate this kind of growth, next year I will offer online coaching in small groups of two or three students. For a cost of $450/year, a high school student will receive regular, personalized feedback on his or her efforts to engage with literature and write about it. With just one or two peers, he or she will try out apprenticeship and team writing, learn the kinds of questions to ask of literature, experiment with writing in the style of great masters, and use timed writing to increase fluency. But above all, there will be the chance to walk through each student’s writing assignment together and improve the work in real time.
Meetings will be every other week, from September through May (a total of 15 meetings of 1.5 hours each).



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