We are delighted to introduce our new prayer journal:


7-Day Prayer Journal:

How to Talk to God About Everything That Really Matters Every Week

This journal is designed to help you pray about a different arena of your life on each day of the week. Curious? A complete introduction to the system is available for free in our new e-book: The 7-Day Prayer Journal Guide. You can read about why we like to pray this way, and see examples of the prompts, the illustrations, and how the journal works.

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We have found that this format increases…

DESIRE FOR PRAYER: “Before I found this journal, I was bored with prayer. I just prayed the same prayer every day without much enthusiasm. But now my conversations with God have come alive – every day is different. I can’t wait to do my Quiet Time each morning.”

SPIRITUAL GROWTH: “This journal has really helped me identify (and change!) patterns of sin in my life that I never noticed before I started tracking my confessions. I had never thought about confessing sins like work addiction and compulsive busyness, but facing these issues every Sunday is transforming my relationship with my husband and with God.”

PRAYER PARTNERSHIP: “I always used to zone out when hearing people’s prayer requests. But now I can’t wait to hear new requests, because I have a place to write them down. It’s like I’ve become a prayer request junkie! And I love seeing the prayers get answered.”

TIME FOR PRAYER: “I am spending twice as much time in prayer – I never knew I could pray this much! And I’m loving it.”

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